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My Photography Bucket List


I. Love. To. Travel. Whether it’s jetting off to another country, cruising on an ocean, or road-tripping near or far, I’m always down to check out a new place. Throw a little photography in the mix and I’m on cloud nine! New venues, new cities, new countries…bring it on. I’ve been keeping a mental list of all the amazing places I would love to photograph someday, and thought why not write them down? I had the honor of photographing gorgeous weddings in Indiana, Texas, and on Mackinac Island (a former bucket list location!) last year, and I’m still pinching myself that doing something I love has given me those sorts of opportunities! If you can check any of these off my list, head on over to my contact page and get in touch!  

  1. A tropical destination wedding. Warm white sand. Clear blue water. Palm trees. I can tell you first hand that the Dominican Republic would be a stunning place for a wedding! But Hawaii, Jamaica, Key West, or the Bahamas would work, too.
  2. A wedding in IRELAND. Ok, let’s be real, I just really want to go to Ireland! But getting to document someone’s love story there would be even better than just vacationing there.
  3. An engagement or anniversary session in Paris. Dubbed the most romantic city in the world, it would be the PERFECT place for a dreamy, romantic photo shoot.
  4. A deep south wedding. I’m thinking South Carolina or Georgia. Somewhere with trees covered in all that gorgeous Spanish moss. I visited Savannah, GA a few years ago and have been dying to go back ever since. Savannah would be a stunning place for an engagement session.
  5. A Traverse City Vineyard. Personally, I’m more of a beer girl than a wine girl, but I think there’s something really charming about vineyard weddings, and a vineyard with Great Lake views is just icing on the wedding cake.
  6. An elopement. Small. Intimate. Somewhere outdoors just the couple, the officiant, a witness or two, and me.
  7. An engagement or anniversary session at a fair or amusement park. I’m imagining fun colors, laid-back vibes, and sneaking in some yummy carnival goodies.
  8. A wedding at Frederik Meijer Gardens. If you know me, you’re probably thinking “You work there. You go there every day. Why would you want to spend even more time there?” My answer: Because it’s gorgeous! Every time I walk the gardens, I spot new places that would make stunning portrait locations.

I know, I’m reaching for the stars with this list. But I’m just gonna keep on dreaming big over here and working toward more stamps in my passport!

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