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5 Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day


Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a long, stress-free holiday weekend with your friends and family. Today I want to take the opportunity to share with you five of my favorite tips to bring this relaxed feeling to your wedding day.

You’ve spent months planning out the wedding day of your dreams, and more than anything you just want it to go off without a hitch, right? Wedding days are a production. So many moving parts all coming together to throw the biggest party of your life. With all that craziness, it’s pretty easy to get swept away and overcome with the stress of it all. Below are my five favorite ways to keep the stress away on your wedding day.

  1. Get help with your timeline early on. Having been to dozens of weddings, photographers have a realistic idea of just how long things take, and have seen how different timelines play out. We aren’t here to tell you what to do with YOUR day, but can advise you on how to get the most out of the time you have. In the end, the schedule is totally up to you, and we will work with whatever time we have to produce amazing photos of all your special events throughout the day, but why not take advantage of our experience?
  2. Hand off your cell phone after the rehearsal dinner to your maid of honor or best man. Trust me. You don’t need your phone on your wedding day – everyone who’s important is probably staying at the same hotel. Giving your cell to your maid of honor ensures there will be someone there to answer it if anyone does call, but give your MOH instructions NOT to hand the phone to you unless it’s something only you can answer. People will call the morning of your wedding with random questions about addresses, where it was you wanted the cake placed in the room, etc. etc., and most of those questions can (and should) be answered by someone else. Give yourself permission to unplug on your wedding day – don’t check Facebook, don’t preoccupy yourself with trolling Instagram. Just unplug, enjoy every moment, and really soak it all in. The day goes by SO fast as it is! Plus you won’t have to worry about setting it down and leaving it somewhere — after all, your wedding dress probably doesn’t have pockets!
  3. Delegate, delegate, delegate! Give someone else the responsibility of organizing things on the day of. Ideally it would be a coordinator, but if you don’t have a wedding planner and the venue doesn’t have a designated coordinator, a master or mistress of ceremonies will do the trick! A close friend or relative that is not a part of your wedding party is a great option. Your only job the day of your wedding is to enjoy and celebrate – not stress over the details.
  4. Make a list (and check it twice!) of all the details you’d like to have photographed, and gather all your details the night before. Having everything in one place ensures you won’t forget anything, and they will be ready to go when your photographer gets to the bridal suite. This will save you time and the stress of having to track something down while you are getting your hair and makeup done. Common details include:
    • ALL the rings – your engagement ring and both wedding bands
    • A copy of your invitation suite
    • Your shoes
    • Your jewelry (bracelets, necklace, earrings)
    • Your garter
    • Family heirlooms
    • Your perfume bottle
    • A handkerchief
    • Hair accessories
    • Your bouquet
  5. Go with the flow and trust your photographer. No matter how much you plan and organize, chances are your day will not go 100% as planned. Weather is unpredictable and timelines can fall behind, but your photographer is there to help! Seasoned photographers have seen it all, and are pros at thinking quickly on their feet. If you put your trust in your photographer, they will get you back on track and help you roll with the punches. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let us do that for you!


I’d love to know what wedding day advice you have for future brides. Let us know in the comments!

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