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Felt Mansion Wedding


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Being a wedding photographer and being asked “what’s your favorite wedding venue?” is like asking a parent “so which one is your favorite kid?” West Michigan has so many beautiful and unique spaces, and there’s something to love about all of them. But guys, I think I have a new favorite! This Felt Mansion wedding was effortlessly stunning.

I was in awe of this beautiful property the very minute I pulled up the drive. Maybe it’s the total history nerd in me, but I just loved reading about its origin and exploring this beautiful home. Being there, I couldn’t help but try to imagine what it was like to live there back in the 1920s when it was built. Every corner is just so beautiful and still feels wonderfully historical.

A big thank you to Samantha Joy Photo for having me along on this wedding day. Olivia and Matias were a dream couple to serve and photograph. The second we got there, Olivia gave us the warmest welcome. She truly treated every single person there like family. And I don’t think I saw the smile leave Matias’s face for a single second. Their joy throughout the entire day was palpable; even with the threat of rain during their outdoor ceremony. This was one of those wedding days I would love to relive over and over, and I hope I get another opportunity to photograph at the Felt Estate again. Enjoy these highlights!

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