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Intimate Wedding at Farrand Hall


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This past Saturday I got to second shoot for my good friend, Jenna of Jenna Rose Photography, and I am so excited to share these photos with you! When I got Saturday’s itinerary and saw we would be capturing a wedding at Farrand Hall, my heart did a little backflip. I LOVE history and old architecture SO much. We don’t have many places like it here in Michigan. For any of you who don’t know about Farrand Hall, it’s a super cool, old colonial home in southern Michigan built in 1854. To put that in perspective, Michigan became a state in 1837. Though the home has had some updates over the years, much of its historical charm is still there. It is also out in the middle of rural Amish country so the horse and buggy passing by really transport you back to the past.

Abby told us she and John chose to host their wedding at Farrand Hall because her dad actually grew up in the area and had spent time at the home as a child. How cool is that? And how lucky that its newest owners have transformed the beautiful home and property into an event venue! Without further ado, here are my favorite photos.

How GORGEOUS is this bridal suite?! Abby’s bridal portraits are some of my favorites ever!

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