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Sawyer’s First Month


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It’s so true what they say – “The days are long, but the months are short.” I cannot believe my sweet baby boy is already one month old. It has been quite a month! I sometimes still look at him in disbelief that I carried and delivered him. These first two photos were taken on his due date. We had no idea it would be another whole week before we finally got to meet the little guy. Honestly, I was surprised I even made it to my due date. I know it’s common for first time moms to go late, but that’s actually not common in my family. My mom was a preemie, I was a preemie, and Shawn was also early.  At 41 weeks, I went in for my weekly OB appointment and told them I thought I had started leaking that morning. They sent me over to the hospital where they confirmed my water had, in fact, broken. It was finally show time! As excited as I was, it was also stressful because I wasn’t actually in labor yet. And because of how everything had unfolded, we didn’t have our hospital bags with us. I really wanted to let things progress naturally so we took a “wait and see” approach until late that afternoon. I finally caved and let them give me something to get labor going. Finally around 10pm, active labor had started. The contractions were strong, but they still weren’t causing any dilation. Not at first, anyway. But once things got going, they progressed rather quickly. After 6 hours, it was finally time to start pushing. A mere 24 minutes later, he was here! It was love at first sight.

Sawyer Rook Slane

June 22, 2022


7lbs 4 oz, 20.5 in

Sawyer celebrated his first holiday this month with both sets of grandparents as well as Uncle Brett, Aunt Emma, and Ellie.

We also had newborn photos taken by Laurenda Marie Photography. Here’s just a few of my favorites!

Sweet baby boy, this has been the best month! We couldn’t have asked for a better baby. So far you like car rides and hate baths. You eat like a champ, and even give mom and dad a good 5 hour chunk of sleep most nights. You’re growing and changing too fast, kiddo. All I want is to keep you little, but I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

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