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Isaiah’s First Ride


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I adore horses. I definitely did not grow up in the country or around horses, so I’m not sure where my love of them came from. Despite my urban upbringing, I would love to have my very own horse someday. I’ve always thought that not only did I grow up in the wrong era, but I grew up in the wrong part of the country, too. I love all things southern charm and “country.” The food, the music, cowboy boots… When Shawn’s, family told me they were going to take his nephew out to see horses for the first time and invited me along, I was all for it.

Shawn’s mom owns a horse, and both she and Shawn’s sister-in-law love to ride. It makes perfect sense that they want to start little Isaiah young, too! Because the weather last night was absolutely perfect, I decided to bring my camera along. I’m really glad I did! It was a blast being able to capture Isaiah’s first ride.

This little cutie is going to turn one next weekend. He’s at such a fun age of curiosity and learning and growing. Even though these horses are probably the biggest animals Isaiah has seen, they didn’t phase him one bit! He rode around with his mama like a champ. We can’t wait to take him back out for another visit!

horse riding lesson

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  1. Jen Vazquez says:

    Love horses too and love these family photos!!

  2. April says:

    What a cutie! The kid and the horse 🙂 Great Images!

  3. Ashley Kapic says:

    Oh my these are so adorable! I love the vibrant colors and glow! beautiful family!

  4. April says:

    These are adorable! Great job!

  5. Kelly says:

    How neat for him to get to be around horses so young! It’s great you can share your love of animals with him!

  6. Brandy says:

    So precious!!

  7. Michelle Garayua says:

    Wow, This is so special! I love it!
    Great job!

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