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Mandy’s Quick Tips | Backdrops Over Details


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BACKDROPS OVER DETAILS. Look, I looooove adorable little details. They add personality to your wedding for sure! But, if photography is one of your top priorities and you have to choose, backdrops give you more bang for your buck than details (at least when it comes to photos). The wedding industry has done a good job of convincing couples that all you’ll see at a wedding is the details – flowers, linens, centerpieces. And while details definitely can add to the overall feel of the event, big-ticket items get a lot more play in your photos. So if you have to choose between really cool details, and, say, a killer venue, that ceremony backdrop or your getting ready space will get way more airtime in your wedding photos than napkin rings or programs. This is particularly true when it comes to the ceremony. Depending on the space, there aren’t a whole lot of places your photographer can go during the ceremony, so a backdrop ends up doing a lot of the work of making your pictures interesting and beautiful. 
If you were to ask me what I think the top three wedding day priorities are, I’d say venue, photographer (obviously), and having a gorgeous floral bouquet for your bridal portraits.

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