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You might be wondering what’s the deal with an engagement session anyway, and why are so many photographers offering them with their wedding collections? An engagement session is a portrait session done after a couple gets engaged, but before they get married. Having an engagement session with the photographer that is ultimately going to photograph […]

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Getting a detail shot of your gown before you put it on is pretty much a must, right? Well, in all the pre-wedding chaos, it’s hard enough to make sure your dress arrives at your venue, let alone be thinking about how your photographer is going to get this shot! I totally get it! My […]

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you’re enjoying a long, stress-free holiday weekend with your friends and family. Today I want to take the opportunity to share with you five of my favorite tips to bring this relaxed feeling to your wedding day. You’ve spent months planning out the wedding day of your dreams, and […]

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Show off those blooms! Where you hold your bouquet is important. Too high and you’ll cover your dress, or look like you’re trying to hide! For the best photos of your gorgeous bouquets, they should be held so that the top of the bouquet is at your belly button, and then tilted 45 degrees away […]

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