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“Wow, that’s so expensive!” As a photographer, that’s a response I see a lot. The truth is that my services aren’t for everyone, and that is absolutely ok! There are photographers out there for every budget. But it hurt a little more today when the inquiring party added “I’ll just find a friend with a […]

POSTED IN: For My Brides

Here’s a little photography secret… some of the most natural looking photos aren’t “natural” at all. In fact, some of the most natural-looking shots I’m sure you’ve seen and just loved aren’t at all candid. Sure, your photographer can just shoot your day exactly as it unfolds, but if you want photos like all those […]

POSTED IN: For My Brides

Show off those blooms! Where you hold your bouquet is important. Too high and you’ll cover your dress, or look like you’re trying to hide! For the best photos of your gorgeous bouquets, they should be held so that the top of the bouquet is at your belly button, and then tilted 45 degrees away […]

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